The world in the timber industry is turning faster and faster.
The use of wood, a raw material that is a permanently regrowing building material, is booming at a time when human live is thinking more and more about sustainability and climate friendly way of living. Timber construction systems and modern building materials made of wood are increasingly being used around the world. The flow of goods is becoming more international and secure supplies are becoming more difficult.
In order to find your way through this rapid change and to find the right partners, you need networks, contacts, experience as well as market and product knowledge.
The SZ-Holzagentur has been successfully addressing this issue for over 40 years. We are navigators, networkers, intermediaries and scouts between the Sawmills, Industrial Producer, Traders and End users.
We love and live for wood.

Team SZ Holzagentur

If you are looking for customers, products or to a more professional supplier, talk to us first.
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Our products


Batten, Laths + squared timber

Sawn timber

Solid Construction timber

KVH – Solid Structural timber

Duo/Trio – Balkenschichtholz

Duo + Trio Lam

BSH – Brettschichtholz

Glulam – Glue Laminated Timber


HBE-Elements for Wall, Ceiling + Roof

BSP – Brettsperrholz

CLT – Cross Laminated Timber


Engineer Laminated Construction Timber


Planed Timber


Cladding + Decking timber

Fußboden – Holzmassivböden

Flooring + solid wood floors

OSB – Oriented Structural Boards


Plywood Boards


Solid Wood Panels / 3ply Boards

CNC machining + manual machining


Timber Design – Structural Design



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